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  • FESTIVALS :Shri Radhashtami
  • Start Date : 24-Jul-18
  • End Date : 16-Aug-18
  • Note : Appearance Day Of Shrimati Radha Rani

This festival marks the birth of Srimati Radharani. She is the Ahladini shakti of Lord Krishna. Radharani was born in Rawal, a place near Mathura to Shri Vrishbhanu ji and Mata Kirtika. One cannot attain Krishna’s service until and unless he is blessed by Radharani. She is the one who will recommend us to Krishna and she is so merciful that she wants all of the living entities to attain Krishna’s service in his heavenly abode, Goloka Vrindavan. And what to talk about her beauty, It can be understood from this very fact that Krishna who is all attractive is himself attracted to our Shrimati Radharani. She is always surrounded by her sakhis (friends) who arrange for all the pastimes of Radharani and Krishna


  <p>We celebrate this great festival every year in our ‘GURUDHAM’ in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh at a very grand scale. Many people from all around India come to attend this festival under the guidance of our Shri Guru Maharaj ji. It is being celebrated since past 54 years with great joy and devotion.7 days before we start having morning procession after Mangala aarti. Following it there is lecture by our Guru Maharaj ji and also Harinaam Sankirtan.</p>

                    <p>On the day of Radhashtami, we have a grand procession in the afternoon with all devotees singing and dancing and moving through the streets of the City. We relish each and every moment of the procession. Many chariots with the Lord seated in them are also the centre of attraction for everybody. We also have the Badhai Utsav in which many Matajis carry various kinds of sweets, fruits ,clothes, pots etc. on their heads and place it infront of the deities and then all these things are distributed to the devotees. This event is a must-watch for all. Following it, varieties of bhog is prepared for the Lord and then we have a great feast in which very tasty Prasadam is served to all the devotees.</p>

                    <p>Thus this festival is seen as a way for progressing in our devotional service.</p>